Wedded Bliss Part 4

Wedding #11 — Rustic Wedding in Austin

My only cousin on my mom’s side got married in Austin and it was a great family affair. The rehearsal dinner was at Buca di Beppo, which was surprisingly good and they did a great job of entertaining a large group. The ceremony was held at the Texas Baptist Children’s Home, a cute, quaint chapel. The reception was at the Teravista Golf Club where we partied with the extended family and did a lot of two-stepping.

Wedding Favorites: (1) The rehearsal dinner – lots of wine and conversation with the family who are hilarious. (2) The dancing.


Wedding #10 – Family Affair

A year before our wedding, the Husband’s sister re-married and had a cute wedding in the mid-cities area of DFW. It was a great chance for me to meet many of the extended family for the first time (including one of the Husband’s brothers!) and get to know them a little better before our big day. Plus, it is always nice to see the Husband in a tux 🙂

Wedding Favorites: (1) Seeing the family all dressed-up. (2) Seeing D-Rock’s Dance Moves for the first time.


Wedding #9 – Family Wedding in Abilene

Another cousin of mine got married to his high school sweetheart in Abilene where they both went to college. The ceremony was short, incredibly sweet and personal. My brother was co-best man and it was really fun to see him up there (all grown-up, tear).

Wedding Favorites: (1) How Josie worked her own personal style into the wedding – like her red converses


Wedded Bliss Part 3

Wedding #8 — Winter Blizzard Wedding in Washington, DC

This is one of my favorite weddings to date. Not only are my DC friends among the most fun people I know, but Sarah and Nick also did everything with class. Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with paper goods and stationery and Sarah’s selections were amazing. The rehearsal dinner was at Luigi’s, a small but delicious Italian place right by our old office where Nick and Sarah (and the rest of us) all met. There were feet of snow on the ground, but it did not slow us down. The ceremony was at the historic St. Matthew’s Cathedral and the reception was at the Carnegie Institution (I love DC!). We danced all night and caught up with some great friends.

Wedding Favorites: (1) All of it! The church was immaculate, the reception hall was magical, the favors (copies of The Christmas Story) were perfect, Sarah’s dress was out of this world…they even had Christmas Carolers for the cocktail area.

(The best part though was how flexible everyone was…when snow threatened to stop the caterers, guests and other vendors from arriving, they quickly began a back-up plan that involved pizza and a trip to the liquor store down the block. Luckily, we were able to experience all of the things they planned, but regardless, there was going to be a celebration. )

*All of these photos are courtesy of Sarah and were taken by her photographer who I will try to get the name of asap because they were fabulous.

Wedded Bliss Part 2

I was not exaggerating when I said we attend a lot of weddings:

Wedding #7 – Cowtown Celebration

One of the Husband’s friends from work got married on a Friday night in Fort Worth. It was a good reason for him to take off work a little early and for us to get some extra time together. The bride is beautiful and an amazingly talented singer and Phil really had a look on his face like he was the luckiest person in the world. It was really fun to watch.

This wedding was also at the University Christian Church and then they had the reception at the Aston Depot which is one of the few venues in Fort Worth I had not experienced. I was really impressed. The open layout and train station feel was really great and unique for Fort Worth. The bride’s band played all night and convinced her to sing a song. The Husband and I had a chance to catch up with some old friends and colleagues and take part in quite a bit of vino.


Wedding #6 – Dallas Debut

The Myers’ wedding was beautiful. We didn’t know many people at the wedding, but it was nice to meet some new people outside of our comfort zone. In fact, one even led to a job interview later on. And believe it or not, this is the first wedding I’ve attended in Dallas.

Wedding Favorites:  (1) The groom’s “badge” cake; (2) The beautiful church (still tracking down the name of it); (3) The navy blue & pink color schemes.



Weddings #4 & 5 – Nocona Nuptials

Two of my childhood friends, Trisha and Bonnie, each got married in the last year, both in their hometown church. The small church ceremony and reception was refreshing and I had a chance to catch up with old teachers, classmates and friends. Bonnie even had a slideshow at her reception that included some of the oldest pictures of us. It was so nice to relive some of those memories. Trisha and Daniel threw an after party at her parent’s house, who live in the middle of nowhere and it was so fun. I spent many a night at their house growing up and it was nice to revisit. Plus, sometimes all you need is a back of a pick-up, a case of beer and old friends. (The Husband particularly enjoyed this part).

Wedding Favorites: Catching up with friends & the after-party.


Wedding #3 – Country Club Chic

Kristofer and Cheryl got married in Kentucky (or Ohio or West Virginia, that tri-state area made my head spin). This was the first trip I ever took with Husband and the first time I met his Dad. I was really nervous before we left, but soon discovered that Joel and I are perfect travel companions. Where he is scattered, I’m on my game and where I’m a mess, he’s calm and collected. (This may be why we feel the need to get out of town like every month.)

The Husband talked about his “Kentucky” friends a lot so expectations were high, and they lived up to every word. Some of the most genuine, sweet, classy and fun people I’ve ever met. We stayed with Ben and Melissa who had a care package in each of our rooms. It was a fabulous trip.

And, meeting the future-in-laws and seeing the Kentucky area where so much of their family lives was great. There isn’t a prouder dad in the whole world.

Wedding Favorites: (1) The ceremony location was on a golf course and it was the best weather I’ve ever experienced in an outdoor wedding. (2) Cheryl’s hair piece – I had it stuck in my head for months and bought one similar for my wedding.


Wedding #2 – Fort Worth Formal

Caroline’s (a college friend of the Husband’s) wedding was our first wedding together and it started a trend. It was also my first time meeting many of the extended TCU friends and my first TCU-esque wedding with well-known Fort Worth venues.

Wedding Favorites: (1) The venues for the ceremony and the reception were just awesome: The University Christian Church and the Colonial Country Club. (2) Cute purple koozie favors. (3) College-themed photos (we are proud of our alma maters in Texas).

Wedded Bliss Part 1

Wedding #1 – Mexico Beach Wedding

The week after Italy, I headed to Tulum, Mexico for my best friend Lexi’s wedding. I told y’all, best summer ever. This also kicked off two years of non-stop weddings that I will highlight in later entries.

Lexi’s wedding was amazing. We stayed at the Tulum Dreams Resort and Amanda and I shared a great suite and spent a ridiculous number of hours reading by the pool. Amanda, Lexi and I have been inseparable for over fifteen years and we have traveled all over together. They are some of my favorite people to vacation with. This is also the first time I really got to spend an extended amount of time with Brady who is ridiculously fun and so much like Lexi and both of come from great families who really made the trip fun.

Favorites Aspects of the Wedding: (1) The chapel they got married in. (2) The beach photos. (3) Lexi’s dress. (4) The Photographer –  Ashley Rodgers Photography – Check out her blog –


Next stop, Italy! I was most excited for Greece, but its just because I didn’t know how much I was going to love Italy. The food, the people, the wine, the countryside, the shopping…

Pompeii was the first stop on our way from the ferry to Rome and it was an amazing place. Everything is so well preserved and gives you a great glimpse into the city’s history.

The next stop was Rome and where we spent the most time. We took our final exam in Rome so we had to spend a little time actually studying, but Rome isn’t a bad backdrop. We spent a day at the Vatican, climbed the Spanish Steps, made a wish in the Trevi Fountain, explored the Coliseum, had wine outside the Pantheon (and like a hundred other places) and so much more.

We then headed to Florence with stops in Sienna and San Gimignano. Sienna was an amazing little town. We had lunch in the piazza and then shopped at the cheese/wine/meat shops. Then we had a glass of wine while we enjoyed the view:

Florence really surprised me. The shopping was fantastic – I mean, where can you go wrong with gold and leather? We attended a leathercraft demonstration at one of the best leather shops in town. And the art was out of this world – pictures do not do the Statue of David justice. The city was clean and lively, and between the Duomo and the bridges the architecture was out of this world.

After Florence, we headed to Venice with a stop in Pisa to round out the amazing three-week trip. I didn’t think I would be that impressed by the Leaning Tower, but I think I underestimated how much it leans. Venice was just what I imagine, but better. The storefronts, hotel entrances and the stoops of houses are all on the water. We went to a Murano glass blowing demonstration, had pizza and Peroni in St. Mark’s Square, and ended with an amazing dinner at a local place with amazing owners.

Ciao for now! Italy, I will see you again in May!

Trip Details: (1) Rome – Hotel Regent; (2) Florence – Hotel Capital; (3) Venice – Hotel Russott


The summer between my 1L and 2L years I studied International Law of Armed Conflict in Greece and Italy. It was a great summer. I was falling in love with my husband, exploring Greece and Italy and learning a lot of law. So even though that was 2+ years ago that is where I’m going to start.

I didn’t know anyone going with me, but I was excited to have some time to just explore by myself. (The one drawback was leaving the future-husband. We had spent everyday together for the last two months. But absence did make the heart grow fonder.)

The first stop was Athens and it was amazing. We went to Cape Sounion and saw the Temple of Poseidon; we explored Mount Acropolis and The Parthenonon (these structures are amazing!), Zeus’s Temple, the Greek Olympic Stadium and so much more. And the food…oh my goodness. A whole different blog needs to be dedicated to that. I ate an abundance of gyros that I still crave at least once a week, baklava from a hole in the wall and a host of other Greek specialties.

I spent the first couple of days as a loner, but by the first group dinner (and group cocktails), I had made friends with a great group of girls from the Midwest who made the rest of the trip an absolute blast.

After Athens we boarded a cruise ship for a 4-day speed tour around the Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea. It was definitely not a luxury cruise liner but it got us from point A to point B and we saw a lot of Greece in a little bit of time.

We shopped and had dinner in Mykonos.

We explored the ruins in Ephesus (which I loved because of my COC background), attended a Turkish carpet demonstration and battled the flea markets in Kusadasi. Then we had lunch for Casey’s birthday in Patmos.

We spent a day sunbathing on the beaches of Rhodes and swimming in the Aegean Sea. The next day we stopped in Crete, but I didn’t get off the boat because a girl has to study. [PHOTO COURTESY OF ASHLEY BLACKBURN]

We took-in the sites in Santorini (which in my opinion is the most beautiful island and the one I’m most likely re-visit).

We then visited Olympia and Delphi. This history in Olympia was really interesting, because we’ve watched a lot of Olympics in my sports-obsessed house. Delphi was…meh. I think I may have been a little tired from our whirlwind travels by this point.

Our final destination in Greece was Corfu and we went out with a bang. We took a boat tour/Booze Cruise with George, our terribly inappropriate and crude captain, and took a swim in the Ionian Sea. This was followed by a wonderful dinner complete with traditional Greek dancing and unlimited wine at Gloupos Tavern. And luckily this wasn’t our last destination…

Trip Details: (1) Athens – Hotel Zafolia; (2) Cruise Liner – Louis Cruise Lines; (3) Olympia – Amalia Olympia Hotel; (4) Delphi – Amalia Delphi Hotel; (4) Corfu – Divani Palace Hotel Corfu;

Here we go!

I’m still not sure about this blogging thing, but I finally decided that the people and places in my life are worth noting and memorializing. I am surrounded by people who make me laugh, encourage me to learn and some who just fascinate me. So here it goes.

I’ve been “journaling” (like once a year and usually on post it notes stuck in whatever book I’m reading at the time) for a couple of years, so I’m going to back track a bit to include some of those experiences.

Several of the “guides to blogging” blogs I read (this blogging thing is out of control) suggest you stick with one topic and specialize your blog. I’m going to do the opposite. I always joke that I would never get a tattoo because I don’t have any one passion that I could choose to permanently display on my body, but that’s because I have several passions. Politics, design, fashion, entertaining, travel, reading, TV…the list goes on. So for you blogging specialist, I apologize, but for those who are as scatter-brained as me…enjoy.