Here we go!

I’m still not sure about this blogging thing, but I finally decided that the people and places in my life are worth noting and memorializing. I am surrounded by people who make me laugh, encourage me to learn and some who just fascinate me. So here it goes.

I’ve been “journaling” (like once a year and usually on post it notes stuck in whatever book I’m reading at the time) for a couple of years, so I’m going to back track a bit to include some of those experiences.

Several of the “guides to blogging” blogs I read (this blogging thing is out of control) suggest you stick with one topic and specialize your blog. I’m going to do the opposite. I always joke that I would never get a tattoo because I don’t have any one passion that I could choose to permanently display on my body, but that’s because I have several passions. Politics, design, fashion, entertaining, travel, reading, TV…the list goes on. So for you blogging specialist, I apologize, but for those who are as scatter-brained as me…enjoy.


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