Wedded Bliss Part 1

Wedding #1 – Mexico Beach Wedding

The week after Italy, I headed to Tulum, Mexico for my best friend Lexi’s wedding. I told y’all, best summer ever. This also kicked off two years of non-stop weddings that I will highlight in later entries.

Lexi’s wedding was amazing. We stayed at the Tulum Dreams Resort and Amanda and I shared a great suite and spent a ridiculous number of hours reading by the pool. Amanda, Lexi and I have been inseparable for over fifteen years and we have traveled all over together. They are some of my favorite people to vacation with. This is also the first time I really got to spend an extended amount of time with Brady who is ridiculously fun and so much like Lexi and both of come from great families who really made the trip fun.

Favorites Aspects of the Wedding: (1) The chapel they got married in. (2) The beach photos. (3) Lexi’s dress. (4) The Photographer –  Ashley Rodgers Photography – Check out her blog –


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