The summer between my 1L and 2L years I studied International Law of Armed Conflict in Greece and Italy. It was a great summer. I was falling in love with my husband, exploring Greece and Italy and learning a lot of law. So even though that was 2+ years ago that is where I’m going to start.

I didn’t know anyone going with me, but I was excited to have some time to just explore by myself. (The one drawback was leaving the future-husband. We had spent everyday together for the last two months. But absence did make the heart grow fonder.)

The first stop was Athens and it was amazing. We went to Cape Sounion and saw the Temple of Poseidon; we explored Mount Acropolis and The Parthenonon (these structures are amazing!), Zeus’s Temple, the Greek Olympic Stadium and so much more. And the food…oh my goodness. A whole different blog needs to be dedicated to that. I ate an abundance of gyros that I still crave at least once a week, baklava from a hole in the wall and a host of other Greek specialties.

I spent the first couple of days as a loner, but by the first group dinner (and group cocktails), I had made friends with a great group of girls from the Midwest who made the rest of the trip an absolute blast.

After Athens we boarded a cruise ship for a 4-day speed tour around the Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea. It was definitely not a luxury cruise liner but it got us from point A to point B and we saw a lot of Greece in a little bit of time.

We shopped and had dinner in Mykonos.

We explored the ruins in Ephesus (which I loved because of my COC background), attended a Turkish carpet demonstration and battled the flea markets in Kusadasi. Then we had lunch for Casey’s birthday in Patmos.

We spent a day sunbathing on the beaches of Rhodes and swimming in the Aegean Sea. The next day we stopped in Crete, but I didn’t get off the boat because a girl has to study. [PHOTO COURTESY OF ASHLEY BLACKBURN]

We took-in the sites in Santorini (which in my opinion is the most beautiful island and the one I’m most likely re-visit).

We then visited Olympia and Delphi. This history in Olympia was really interesting, because we’ve watched a lot of Olympics in my sports-obsessed house. Delphi was…meh. I think I may have been a little tired from our whirlwind travels by this point.

Our final destination in Greece was Corfu and we went out with a bang. We took a boat tour/Booze Cruise with George, our terribly inappropriate and crude captain, and took a swim in the Ionian Sea. This was followed by a wonderful dinner complete with traditional Greek dancing and unlimited wine at Gloupos Tavern. And luckily this wasn’t our last destination…

Trip Details: (1) Athens – Hotel Zafolia; (2) Cruise Liner – Louis Cruise Lines; (3) Olympia – Amalia Olympia Hotel; (4) Delphi – Amalia Delphi Hotel; (4) Corfu – Divani Palace Hotel Corfu;


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