Wedded Bliss Part 2

I was not exaggerating when I said we attend a lot of weddings:

Wedding #7 – Cowtown Celebration

One of the Husband’s friends from work got married on a Friday night in Fort Worth. It was a good reason for him to take off work a little early and for us to get some extra time together. The bride is beautiful and an amazingly talented singer and Phil really had a look on his face like he was the luckiest person in the world. It was really fun to watch.

This wedding was also at the University Christian Church and then they had the reception at the Aston Depot which is one of the few venues in Fort Worth I had not experienced. I was really impressed. The open layout and train station feel was really great and unique for Fort Worth. The bride’s band played all night and convinced her to sing a song. The Husband and I had a chance to catch up with some old friends and colleagues and take part in quite a bit of vino.


Wedding #6 – Dallas Debut

The Myers’ wedding was beautiful. We didn’t know many people at the wedding, but it was nice to meet some new people outside of our comfort zone. In fact, one even led to a job interview later on. And believe it or not, this is the first wedding I’ve attended in Dallas.

Wedding Favorites:  (1) The groom’s “badge” cake; (2) The beautiful church (still tracking down the name of it); (3) The navy blue & pink color schemes.



Weddings #4 & 5 – Nocona Nuptials

Two of my childhood friends, Trisha and Bonnie, each got married in the last year, both in their hometown church. The small church ceremony and reception was refreshing and I had a chance to catch up with old teachers, classmates and friends. Bonnie even had a slideshow at her reception that included some of the oldest pictures of us. It was so nice to relive some of those memories. Trisha and Daniel threw an after party at her parent’s house, who live in the middle of nowhere and it was so fun. I spent many a night at their house growing up and it was nice to revisit. Plus, sometimes all you need is a back of a pick-up, a case of beer and old friends. (The Husband particularly enjoyed this part).

Wedding Favorites: Catching up with friends & the after-party.


Wedding #3 – Country Club Chic

Kristofer and Cheryl got married in Kentucky (or Ohio or West Virginia, that tri-state area made my head spin). This was the first trip I ever took with Husband and the first time I met his Dad. I was really nervous before we left, but soon discovered that Joel and I are perfect travel companions. Where he is scattered, I’m on my game and where I’m a mess, he’s calm and collected. (This may be why we feel the need to get out of town like every month.)

The Husband talked about his “Kentucky” friends a lot so expectations were high, and they lived up to every word. Some of the most genuine, sweet, classy and fun people I’ve ever met. We stayed with Ben and Melissa who had a care package in each of our rooms. It was a fabulous trip.

And, meeting the future-in-laws and seeing the Kentucky area where so much of their family lives was great. There isn’t a prouder dad in the whole world.

Wedding Favorites: (1) The ceremony location was on a golf course and it was the best weather I’ve ever experienced in an outdoor wedding. (2) Cheryl’s hair piece – I had it stuck in my head for months and bought one similar for my wedding.


Wedding #2 – Fort Worth Formal

Caroline’s (a college friend of the Husband’s) wedding was our first wedding together and it started a trend. It was also my first time meeting many of the extended TCU friends and my first TCU-esque wedding with well-known Fort Worth venues.

Wedding Favorites: (1) The venues for the ceremony and the reception were just awesome: The University Christian Church and the Colonial Country Club. (2) Cute purple koozie favors. (3) College-themed photos (we are proud of our alma maters in Texas).


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