Wedded Bliss Part 3

Wedding #8 — Winter Blizzard Wedding in Washington, DC

This is one of my favorite weddings to date. Not only are my DC friends among the most fun people I know, but Sarah and Nick also did everything with class. Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with paper goods and stationery and Sarah’s selections were amazing. The rehearsal dinner was at Luigi’s, a small but delicious Italian place right by our old office where Nick and Sarah (and the rest of us) all met. There were feet of snow on the ground, but it did not slow us down. The ceremony was at the historic St. Matthew’s Cathedral and the reception was at the Carnegie Institution (I love DC!). We danced all night and caught up with some great friends.

Wedding Favorites: (1) All of it! The church was immaculate, the reception hall was magical, the favors (copies of The Christmas Story) were perfect, Sarah’s dress was out of this world…they even had Christmas Carolers for the cocktail area.

(The best part though was how flexible everyone was…when snow threatened to stop the caterers, guests and other vendors from arriving, they quickly began a back-up plan that involved pizza and a trip to the liquor store down the block. Luckily, we were able to experience all of the things they planned, but regardless, there was going to be a celebration. )

*All of these photos are courtesy of Sarah and were taken by her photographer who I will try to get the name of asap because they were fabulous.


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