Trip to Raiderland

Okay, so I read through my blog entries yesterday just to see how it was shaping up and found myself fiercely bored. I mean, I love weddings, and have been to some great ones, but this is where that diverse interest thing should come in. We need a wedding break.

This past weekend we went to Lubbock to visit my siblings (all three of us are Red Raiders) and tried two really great restaurants that were new to all of us.

The first was The Funky Door, a cute, modern wine bar on 82nd Street with good food and a great wine selection. My favorite thing we ordered was the “cheese sticks.” These were not your normal fried mozzarella sticks, but instead a blend of creamy cheese filled pastry dough sticks served with pesto. Now the men at our table were a little disappointed by this, but I thought they were delectable (and really want to remake them – I’ll let you know if it’s a success or a disaster).

We tried one of their Italian wines (in preparation of our trip in May) – The Catina Zaccagnini Montepulciana and it was an excellent, very drinkable wine. The best part is that its only $11.99 when you buy from a retail store. I am a sucker for a cheap bottle that doesn’t taste cheap. (Our friend/sommelier at Goody Goody repeatedly tells us that the best finds are $20 bottles with $50 mouths 🙂

Speaking of cheese sticks, if you’ve lived in Lubbock for any amount of time, you’ve been to Spanky’s and you’ve tried their signature cheese sticks. Well Lisa West, the owner of Spanky’s also owns the Double Nickel Steakhouse on Slide Road that for some reason my family has never tried (even though its been there since at least 2006).  The Double Nickel has nothing in common with Spanky’s except they serve a giant Spanky’s-style cheese stick with your steak.

My family is carnivorous. We’ve probably tried 50+ steakhouses over the years, so we tend to be kind of critical regarding our beef, but I must say the Double Nickel was a solid steak. The atmosphere was nice and definitely great for fine dining in Lubbock, though the service was a little over-the-top (they said Lisa West’s “insert famous dish or restaurant here” like 50 times and re-suggested a wine to us), but was overall a great experience and a great birthday location for my brother.

My sister just moved back to Lubbock from Missouri and is settling in a cute little 3 bedroom house. Hopefully she’ll let me post some photos soon on how she has personalized it.


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