Beautiful Boston

After our marathon of weddings and a trip to Vegas with the family, we hit the road once again to visit Boston. I got to meet more of the Husband’s family and we were there for St. Patty’s Day. We stayed at the Bay Back Hotel that used to be the old Boston Police Station (which was a total accident but made it even more special to us). It was beautiful, in a great location and affordable thanks to Priceline. It is very likely we will stay there again.

Attending the Southie St. Patty’s Parade has been on the Husband’s bucket list forever, so even though the weather was miserable, we forged on. But, I’m not going to lie…the entire 10 blocks (it felt like 10 miles) we walked through the pouring, cold rain, I was mentally cursing-out the Husband and could physically not bring myself to speak to him for like one hour. But his excitement (and a few Guinesses) finally rubbed off and we watched the Parade (me from the window inside, the Husband from the street outside).

We ate at one of JFK’s favorites, the Union Oyster House. The Husband was in love with the food and I loved the old word décor, complete with dark wood booths, exposed rafters and narrow wooden staircases. We went to countless other bars and restaurants around the city and next visit I promise to do a more thorough recap.

After spending a few days in the city, we went out to Weymouth and the surrounding ‘burbs to visit his family. We stayed with our friends/family Chris and Hope and they were the most gracious hosts a person could ask for. They gave us a car so we could explore while they were at work, let us use Chris’s coveted coupon book to save us a dime and took us out at night. It was awesome. One of my favorite nights was just staying in with them and drinking way too much wine and playing games. We went to Plymouth the next morning to see the sites, but couldn’t get started until we had a major hangover breakfast at Persy’s Place.

Chris gave us a driving tour of the greater Boston area including Abigail Adam’s house (I was reading about First Lady’s at the time so I loved this) and several other little gems. Actual St. Patrick’s Day was during the week so we went to the very laid back Union Brewhouse and had a great time. It is here I discovered my favorite beer (that of course can’t be found in TX) – Wassachusetts Blueberry.

One of our last days to do touristy stuff, we decided to explore Quincy where the Husband’s mom grew up. We went to see her old houses and where she went to school and church. Half way between our planned stops in Quincy, JP decided he wanted to stop for a pint. This ticked me off because we already had lunch scheduled with Chris and Hope in the harbor and it was going to make us late, but he was insistent.

Little did I know he needed the liquid courage to do this:

It was the perfect proposal. I was one happy camper and it made the rest of the trip even better. We immediately met Chris and Hope for a delicious lunch on the harbor (I think! I have no idea what I ordered…I was way too excited). We then spent the evening in the city and had dinner at Top of the Hub with the most stellar views of the city. Oh and the food was out of this world. The Boston family threw us a Lobster Boil the next day and helped share our new excitement.

We are headed back to Boston this October to attend Chris and Hope’s wedding. I of course can’t wait!


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