Christmas Paint Project

Okay, I don’t know why I feel like I have to give you a 2-year backgrounder on my life. Probably because (a) the last two years have been awesome and fun and I’ve learned a lot; and (b) because I’m a random thinker and will probably refer to these events in the future. BUT…this is the stuff I really want to blog about. I read about 30 blogs a day and they give me so many ideas. I love suggestions and new ideas on how I can update and organize our great little house.

So I pestered the Husband for months about painting the living room another color. I think the urge to re-paint probably started when I joined my new addiction, Pinterest.

The mother-daughter flip team we bought our house from painted the whole house in beautiful and bright colors – the Husband calls them “Potterybarn colors.” But, the dining room and the living room were both a clay, red/orange color that I like, but wasn’t crazy about. I found it really hard to find accents pieces that worked with the color without it feeling to earthy.

Before: (Pardon the “glow” of Modern Warfare 3)

Anywho…Pinterest made me obsessed with gray rooms so I begin a search to find the perfect gray. I didn’t want it too light because I still wanted it to make a statement. I didn’t want a blue tint. I didn’t want a brown tint. It was intense. I finally settled on Valspar’s Chimney Sweep and it turned out great. See the before and after. It feels much more modern and versatile now. Now I’m saving up for curtains, couches, a big beautiful rug and matching bookshelves….ahhh…we’re getting there.


Two things I learned from this project – (1) stick to the Behr Premium Plus paint. Valspar’s version just wasn’t as good and we had to paint several coats to keep the red from showing through; (2) Don’t start a project like painting your living room the first week in December. I totally stressed myself out and had to paint around the Christmas decorations.


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