Not okay, Valentine’s Day. Not Okay.

Okay, if you’ve been on my Pinterest, you’ve seen my kid’s party board named “My Mom Threw The Best” and that is because my mom did throw the best parties as a kid…we had luaus, huge slumber parties, elaborate themed cakes…Mom also made a big deal about the little holidays. So, every Valentine’s Day we got a little present and Sweethearts. I loved the Sweethearts, like really loved the Sweethearts. That is why yesterday I was outraged to discover that Necco changed their flavors in 2010. Instead of pure sugary, delicious chalk, they are now fruit-flavored chalk, and not in a good way! This person summed up my feelings very well –

[Pic from JenGray]

I’ve never been a big V-Day fan – probably because I was single for several years pre-Joel, and now they have gone and changed the one thing about Valentine’s that I like. The only thing that is redeeming V-Day this year is these cute little matches that Anne from Annechovie posted yesterday.

Dear Mom,

If you still believe in making the little holidays magical, please buy me these matches.




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