Wedded Bliss Part 6

Three of my good friends from my days at Texas Tech recently got married and we partied Red Raider style at all three.

Wedding # 16 – Funkytown Festivities

Brittney got married just a couple of months after me, so we had a lot of fun talking about wedding plans leading up to it. They got married in the Lena Pope Home’s Chapel. I love this chapel because there isn’t a bad seat in the house. You really get to feel like a part of the ceremony, which is what weddings should be all about, right? (My husband tends to think they’re about the open-bar). The reception was held at one of my favorite Fort Worth venues – The City Club. It is an immaculate room and the service is great. Brittney is a beautiful girl and her all lace dress was just amazing. Since the bride and groom both went tot Tech, it was a Red Raider reunion! We danced a lot and re-lived the glory days.

Wedding Favorites: (1) Their favors – dog treats with their dogs faces on the packaging. (2) Brittney’s dress – it was just stunning. (3) The venue – it is one of my favorites in Fort Worth.

These two seriously love their dogs.


Wedding #15 – Shabby Chic Austin Wedding

My sorority sister, Lindsay, got married in Austin on Lake Travis at a beautiful venue called Villa Antonia. It had a small and charming chapel that opened up onto a large veranda where the reception was held. Lindsay has a very feminine style and did a wonderful job of incorporating that style into the wedding. The flowers and bridesmaids dresses were shades of soft pink and her dress was made with very delicate lace (which looked great on her small frame). But, the couple also did a great job of incorporating Judd’s manly-man taste (Judd is an avid hunter). He gave his groomsmen boots as their wedding party gift (best gift ever!) and they wore TX-themed cufflinks. I think they did a great job of summing up the Hill Country feel – beautiful, but still Texas-rugged.

Wedding Favorites: (1) The gifts for the groomsmen! So Texas and so cute. (2) The flower arrangements – which Lindsay and her mom did themselves (and that I unfortunately do not have a photo of).

My girls

Photos Courtesy of Eric Hegwer Photography


Wedding #14 — New Year’s Wedding in Houston

Martha and Matt are two of my good friends from college. They have been together since high school and are the perfect balance to one another. Even with all the Houston friends I had in college, this was my first real visit to Houston. We stayed at the very historic and beautiful Lancaster Hotel and went out in Rice Village the night before. It was fun to explore a new city with the Husband even if it was just for a night.

Their wedding was huge (400+ people) and beautiful. They went all out. The food stations were Texas-unique (including my fav – Tex-Mex), the flowers were extravagant and they hands-down had one of the best wedding bands of all time.

Wedding Favorites: (1) Martha’s dress – it complimented her so well and I loved the roses. (2) The 7-piece band – the Husband was swooning. (3) The details – Martha had everything from the tissue boxes decorated to her own personal cup.


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