Coveted Style of the Week: Corporate Jungle

I’m about to start naming this segment “Kelsey” after my cute little co-worker who keeps wearing things I envy (she was the leather skirt lady of my previous post). Her latest: subtle and basic leopard accents that add just the right amount of punch for the glorious corporate world we work in. I had a pair of leopard calf-hair pumps that I absolutely wore into the ground (I think the cobbler laughed at me when I finally took them in for rehab), and I’ve had a hole in my wardrobe ever since.

Kelsey has a shirt very similar to this one from Mod Cloth which she often pairs with a great red pencil skirt…


…and she also sports some cute little flats with the tiniest bit of a heel to them, sort of like these from J.Crew that I am dying to have:

But, I think I’ve decided that my first leopard purchase will be a scarf like this little gem I saw on Pinterest. This is obviously a purchase I need to make pre-Italy. They love their scarves in Europe. (We’ll see if the Husband agrees).



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