Irish Honeymoon: Introduction

The Husband and I worked for weeks planning this trip (admittedly, the Husband did most the work) and it totally paid off.

Our serious planning set-up (and the serious planner).

We debated and debated about when to go. Everyone recommends going in July or August because the weather is supposed to be the best, but this is also when it is the most expensive to go. So since I had just started my job and we had just shelled out some major moolah for the wedding we decided to push it back to the Fall. Ireland in the Fall was BEAUTIFUL. We encountered minimal rain and we saved a small fortune not going in the peak season. We also discovered that the annual Galway Oyster Festival is at the end of September, which kind of just set things in stone and determined our route around Ireland. We flew into Dublin, drove to Galway and then drove around the coast until we reached Dublin again. We got to see so much!

We were lucky enough to have our very own tour guide meet us at the airport. Liam’s (our friend in Fort Worth that owns Conlon’s Pub) son, Rory, lives in Galway and got up at the crack of dawn to take the bus to Dublin and accompany us on the drive back to Galway. If I don’t mention it enough – we have some of the best friends ever! This was especially good since we were renting a car in a country where they drive on the opposite side of the road and the opposite side of the car. I’m pretty sure we would not have made it through those first few traffic circles without Rory.  Also, never ever use Murrays through Auto Europe. We picked them because they were the cheapest but that is because they make you deposit your first-born son as insurance. We ended up bailing with them, and going with Hertz. But once we got out of the airport, our adventure finally began…


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