Mid-Atlantic Engagement Party: Baltimore

Michelle’s save-the-date reminds me that I’ve been meaning to write a post about our recent trip to Baltimore and D.C. for Michelle’s engagement party. It was such a wonderful weekend that I’m devoting two posts to it. It got me really excited for the wedding festivities. Not only did we attend a fabulous dinner thrown by Leah, a fellow bridesmaid, but we also found Michelle’s dress, at a great little Georgetown boutique, which is going to be just beautiful.

We flew into Dulles (If you go to DC, don’t fly into Dulles. It is super inconvenient – we got schooled by Priceline.), but Rob was gracious enough to come all the way to get us and drive us back to Baltimore where I got to see their place for the first time (which is so cute and in what I think is a great little area).

The view from their place.

They then took as to a very yummy and fun dinner at Nick’s Fish House that is on the water and very homey. It was mine and the Husband’s first real crab eating experience (where you crack the shells and dig for the meat yourselves) and it was really fun. They were wonderful teachers and we had it down in no time (granted it took me like an hour to eat 2 crabs).

We went out afterwards in Federal Hill, a really neat little area with tons of restaurants and bars. I drank my first Natty Boh and we met the mascot at Cowboys and Rednecks (Rob was dying to take us there since we’re from Texas – it was hilarious). And then they took me to a bar that had President Reagan paraphernalia EVERYWHERE. I would have to make that my local haunt if I lived there.

Can you see my excitement?

I had to work remotely the next day, but the Husband explored a lot more of Baltimore. He saw the USS Constellation and visited Fort McHenry (but he spent the majority of the day in some Irish pub he found). We met him for lunch at Hull Street Blues where Mich and I split fabulous peel-and-eat shrimp and a delicious crab dip. The Husband would give his left arm to have that kind of seafood around all of the time. Then we headed to DC…


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