Mid-Atlantic Engagement Party: Washington, D.C.

I completely underestimated how much I missed it. I just LOVE this city. We met a wonderful friend of mine, Jeanna, for dinner at Matchbox, which is in my old neighborhood and had great food, wine and conversation. By the way, they have expanded this place since I lived there. The upstairs was way bigger and much more accommodating than it used to be. We then got drinks at a new bar in Chinatown across from the Verizon Center and then at Post in Hotel Monaco. Jeanna and I had a lot of catching up to do!

Image Credit: historicdc.com

(Speaking of wine…I totally forgot to mention this but it is very noteworthy – the night before Michelle introduced me to one of her favorite white wines – Conundrum – and it was delicious – so delicious that we got it again the next night at Matchbox. I highly recommend it. It is a blend that is flowery but not as flowery as a Sauvignon Blanc and buttery but not as buttery as a Chardonnay – it was just excellent. Come to think of it I think we might have even got it the next night at Vinoteca – Salud!)

Saturday morning, the Husband and I got up and out and went to watch the Irish Rugby game at Fado’s (at 8:30am!). I frequented Fado’s –  when I lived in D.C. so it was really fun to revisit and unlike Texas they serve Guinness before 10am so the Husband loved it. After that we went to Ford’s Theatre and the brand new Lincoln museum that they just opened in February. The Husband just read Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Lincoln, so he really got a lot out of the museum and I was really impressed with what they did with it.

After the Lincoln museum, the Husband headed out to explore more of D.C. and I headed to Georgetown for Michelle’s dress appointment at Hitched. Michelle had already been to several boutiques and was just not finding what she wanted. But, with 3 bridesmaids and her mom in tow and after her mom treated us to a yummy lunch at Paolo’s (another place Mich and I frequented when we lived there) she finally decided on one. Well sort of…she actually decided on an even sweeter gig. It was a specific trunk show that we went to and the designer of the dresses was there and he agreed to work with Michelle to customize a dress just for her, which is just what she needed. I cannot wait to see the end product (which I’ll be sure to share in November).

Image Credit: HitchedSalon.com

After this, we all quickly changed and headed to Vinoteca Wine Bar and Bistro in the U Street area. (This area has absolutely exploded. It is amazing. So many new cute bars, restaurants and boutiques. I need like a week long visit to see it all.) The night was organized by Leah and was absolutely beautiful. We had the upstairs area all to ourselves with a big long banquet table in the middle of the room surrounded by beautiful vintage couches, a grand piano and a cellar/wall of wine. I was in love. Leah also had a florist shop that she loves in that area create the most gorgeous purple floral arrangements. The service was impeccable and the wine was flowing. It was great. I am a big fan of engagement parties especially when you have a wedding party that lives all over the country. It is a great chance for everyone to get to know each other and makes the wedding weekend even more fun. (Also, I do not know how I managed not to take a single picture at Vinoteca, but I didn’t so I had to borrow one that just does not do the place justice. I guess I’m just leaving myself room for improvement.)

Image Credit: spicy candy dc

We went out afterwards in the U Street area and had a blast. The next morning we went to Bar Louie in Chinatown with her parents and much of the wedding party. When we lived together Michelle and I had a Sunday tradition of bar food and a movie so I loved revisiting. Aside from my small meltdown from leaving my ID in the cab from the night before (typical Katy), which we luckily recovered on our way to the airport, it was a perfect weekend.

The Girls

Bachelorette and wedding posts will follow!


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