Another Year Means Another Party: Crazy for Crawfish

This year we have celebrated some major birthdays with our friends and family. We went to Lubbock to visit my brother for his, my whole family came to our house to celebrate my dad’s, we’ve been to two awesome crawfish boils, toured Texas wine country for another, had house parties for two more and celebrated three 30th birthdays. Since we have done all of this in 3 months, I think its time to dedicate a recurring post to it.

Crazy for Crawfish

Its crawfish season and we are so lucky to have two friends that wanted to celebrate their birthdays by eating those little mudbugs. Crawfish boils are one of the most fun Southern traditions and I love love love attending them (and eating until I’m sick).

Lindsay’s 30th: The first crawfish boil was for our friend Lindsay’s 30th birthday. As soon as it gets warm, we pretty much live at Lindsay and her husband’s house because they have a pool surrounded by a great big nice deck and beautiful plants. So, to celebrate her 30th and the amazingly warm weather we’ve been having, they decided to throw their first ever crawfish boil. Unfortunately, it rained that entire weekend, but that did not spoil our fun. We moved the festivities to the garage and started chowing down. You would have never guessed that was her husband’s first time boiling those little guys. The spice was excellent and they were all cooked to perfection. Lindsay and I also had a wonderful sparkling red wine that we have both come to love. I’ll try to hunt down the name for it…it is perfect for summer time.



Lindsay's favorite peppermint ice cream cake.

Callie’s Annual Crawfish Celebration: The second crawfish boil was for my best friend from college, Callie. Callie’s Crawfish Birthday Celebration has become an annual event that you don’t miss. Her parents are from Louisiana and they know how to do it up right. In fact, they were the people who taught me how to eat a crawfish. The spice her dad uses is so good and so hot (it seriously lights my whole face up) and he includes all the fixins’ – corn on the cob, potatoes, mushrooms, sausage…it is so GOOD. I believe they ordered 60 lbs. this year and I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a crawfish one left standing. Callie ordered the cutest crawfish tablecloths, cups and bowls that made everything that much more festive. The last two years we’ve had to battle ran, but not this year. It was a beautiful 80 degrees and we played games, caught up and celebrated our Cal-Pal.


The birthday girl is wearing the super cute hat.


Callie has been sprucing up her super cute apartment for the past year or so, so for her birthday I wanted to get her something for her house. Cal loves a good bloody mary and I love the gift of glassware so I made her a little gift bag with a couple of glasses from Potterybarn, Little Devil’s Seasoning from Williams and Sonoma, some cocktail napkins, a little olive dish and some gold tinsel skewers for her garnish.



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