Irish Honeymoon: Stop 6 – Cobh and Kilkenny

So after our early rising in Cork, The next morning we started out early and headed to Cobh, a beautiful coastal town and the last stop the Titanic made before beginning its fateful journey. The town had a very medieval feel and some really neat architecture. We explored the very interesting Titanic/shipyard museum and took pictures along the pier where the Titanic last set sail (I do realize the Titanic didn’t have sails, I just couldn’t think of another appropriate phrase).

After lunch (at a Papa John/McDonald’s combo restaurant – I know we can get both of those things here, but not from the same counter!) we drove to Kilkenny which was a really great little town. We stayed at the Kilkenny Hibernian Hotel which was beautiful and seriously in the best location. We could walk everywhere. Kilkenny is home of the Smithwicks’s Brewery, several cathedrals and a whole host of castles – we didn’t really have time to visit any of these (and it was Sunday so many were closed) so we just walked up and down the streets taking in the sights.

We went back to a long nap (and I finally finished my book) and went out for dinner around 9pm. Our options for dinner were few and far between that late on a Sunday, but we found a really great Italian restaurant, Ristorante Rinuccini. It was such a nice change of pace – while the seafood is awesome in Ireland, I was pretty sick of everything by this point. We then went to: (1) Kytler’s Inn, a famous pub that dates back to 1324; (2) some other bar (not a pub) where there was a well-known Irish band playing and about 500 college-aged kids partying their pants off on a Sunday night; and finally (3) Matt the Miller’s where the bartender let us serve our own pints. It ended up being such a fun night.

The bartender at Matt the Miller’s also told us about the Dunmore Caves, that we “just had to go to” (I’m pretty sure he volunteers there in his off time). Well it got the Husband all excited so the next morning we headed to Dublin and stopped along the way at the Cave. And I have to admit it was really cool and well worth the stop.


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