Irish Honeymoon: Last Stop – Dublin

So we saved Dublin for last to kind of end with a bang. We stayed at the beautiful Clontarf Castle Hotel. This hotel did a really neat mix of modern and traditional with their decor that made it super edgy, but still stately. The rooms and service were impeccable, but the location was less than stellar. It was about a 20-minute cab ride from anything we wanted to see, which gets pricey. We finally figured out the busy system which helped, but next time I’d rather stay somewhere less fancy and closer to the action.

The first stop was the Guinness brewery. This place is no ordinary brewery – it is a multi-block complex/city in the heart of Dublin. There is a 6-story museum to showcase the complex process they use to make ensure the quality of their beer. We learned how to properly poor a pint, enjoyed a beer in their sky bar that overlooks the city and took in all the history of the museum. Since I do corporate communications, I loved the Guinness ad section – it was so neat to see how much their campaigns have evolved.


We spent the next two days exploring the city. We visited the Trinity College Library where we saw the beautiful long room and the Book of Kell.


We saw countless Irish artifacts and the infamous Bog Bodies (which were crazy) at the National Museum. We walked through the covered market, took pictures with the Molly Malone statue, explored the Guarda Museum, stood in the awe of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and had beers at the historic Temple Bar.


It was truly a wonderful trip and the perfect honeymoon for us. We will definitely be back to (1) attend a live rugby game and (2) see all of the stuff we didn’t get to see this trip!


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