Salt Lake City

I have so many things I want to post and not enough time! This last week was incredibly busy. I took a whirlwind work trip to Salt Lake City and then to Austin, and the Husband left for a work trip for the weekend.

This was my first time to visit Salt Lake and I spent a whopping 12 hours there, eight of which were spent in an office. But the other four hours allowed me to see just enough of the city to want to go back. The mountain views are just amazing and their new downtown area was really neat. A brand new “city center” just opened there last month that is half regular mall, half outlet-type mall that is partially enclosed with a glass retractable roof, but with several open courtyards that connect a few city blocks. There was a H+M store sandwiched between J.Crew and Anthropolgie so it immediately got my attention. We also had dinner downtown at a cute little place named Eva’s.

Eva’s is a small plates kind of place, which I’m usually totally against (I’m all for sharing, but I want to share real portions, not samples), but the food here was so good that I got over it. I think we ordered half the menu and there was nothing I didn’t enjoy. The gnocchi was out of this world; the beets and goat cheese made me actually like beets; and the mac and cheese in phyllo makes me want to put everything in phyllo. They also had a lot of local flavors on their drink menu. I had a great little chenin blanc (Castle Creek, 2009), someone else had a Utah whiskey with muddled lemons, and the other two had local craft beers. The décor was also really cute – lots of wood, mini liquor bottles with baby’s breath stems, and chalkboard menus. I will definitely be making a point to re-visit the SLC – probably during ski season.


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