Summer Preview Weekend

I figured I should post about last weekend before my new weekend starts in like an hour (thank goodness)! The Husband and I have been working our tails off the past few weeks, but our sweet friends are making sure we get plenty of fun in on the weekends. Last weekend we embraced the already hot weather and started our summer a little early with patios, beer and pools.

Our weekend recap:

We spent Friday night having dinner and drinks with great friends. I was having a serious craving for Cajun food and really cold beer so we headed to JJ’s Oyster Bar, a great Fort Worth dive, for a little patio action. Then we tried out the new 80’s-themed bar across the street where the waitresses wear leg warmers and the decor includes a giant old-school Sean Penn poster and finished with a nightcap at our usual – Conlon’s.

Saturday was a busy but great day.

I love this hand-drawn rendering

I gave Ms. Callie a Fort Worth neighborhood tour trying to convince her to move across the metroplex from the Big-D – the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce should totally hire me part-time. We followed our little neighborhood 101 session with a yummy lunch at Blue Mesa where the sweet potato chips and blood orange, sage margarita totally hit the spot. On our next Fort Worth exploration we intend on visiting all the cute little boutiques around town which we will document and share with you!

Then our new neighbors had a backyard get-together and we had a chance to get to know lots of new people. Plus, they introduced us to two new awesome summer must-haves: (1) Summer Beer – 1/4 lemonade, 1/4 vodka, and 1/2 Blue Moon Beer (Try it. It will change your life); and (2) Polish Horseshoes – a game that involves Frisbees, PVC pipe and beer bottles (where can you go wrong).

And if that wasn’t fun-filled enough we headed to Nocona that evening for dinner with the family, the Mavs first playoff game and an awesome midnight swim and game of pool basketball. The next day my mom threw my sister’s best friend, Judy’s, bridal shower that went swimmingly and that I will post about soon.

Image Credit: [1], [2]


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