Euro West Tour Stop 1: Rome

As most of you know my wonderful parents just took our entire family on a first-class (as in awesome, not as in our lot on the airplane) trip to Italy and France. It was an incredible vacation and an unforgettable experience. Our first destination was Rome and immediately got us in the Italian mindset. I’ve been to Italy before and Rome isn’t necessarily my favorite city, but it is definitely my favorite city for ruins. Nothing takes you back to the Roman Empire times like the sight of the Colosseum. My Catholic husband loved visiting Vatican City which is just majestic and my brother who is a History Major flaunted his new vast knowledge of world events. Here are some of the highlights:

Things that made me teary-eyed: (1) The Pieta in St. Peter’s Basillica- I was in too much awe to take a picture and the one’s the Husband got were kind of blurry, but pictures wouldn’t do it justice any way. (2) The Colosseum

Things that made me feel like I was in an Audrey Hepburn movie: (1) The Trevi Fountain; (2) The Piazza Navona – this is my favorite place in all of Rome…I want to just sit there and read and drink wine all day.

Things that make me want to pack up and move to Italy tomorrow: (1) Sidewalk Cafes and Restaurants; (2) Prosciutto with everything; (3) The wine! (4) The gelato – (wine and gelato will be in every post about Italy).

Other Notables: (1) St. Peter’s Square; (2)  The Wedding Cake – Romans hate this building, I loved it; (3) The Roman Forum;

The Colosseum or as the Roman’s call it the Flavian Amphitheatre

Me and Dear Old Dad

The Trevi Fountain

Restaurant store front that was amazing.

My beautiful sister at The Forum

The seven of us can put away some wine.

In the Piazza Navona

Next stop: VENICE!


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