Interior Inspiration: Bust Lust

Bust Lust : I’ve been coveting these “I Love Uma” bustier candles for about 3 years, so I know its not just because of my recent visit to France, but I’m obsessed with busts right now and I’m seeing them EVERYWHERE. The trip to Europe just added fuel to the fire — from al fresco dining to a Palace entrance…sigh. What do you think? Classic or creepy?

I Love Uma

Dallas Designer Allan Knight –

Design Star Wannabe blog

At restaurant in Venice

Palace of Versailles


2 thoughts on “Interior Inspiration: Bust Lust

  1. Today’s post was a treat during my ‘bust’ling day. And when I read that you had been coveting those candles for 3 years, I almost ‘bust’ed a gut because I remember us looking at them online during law school (instead of ‘bust’ing our asses in class).

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