Foodie Friday

Okay, I promise this is my last alliteration, but I have a whole list of restaurants I’ve been wanting to write about and Friday was open. Anyone that has met my family knows that food plays a central role in our get-togethers. My Dad especially has a passion for fine dining and living so close to him we often get to experience some awesome new places. Dinner and drinks is also our primary social outing. There is seriously nothing I love more than trying a great new restaurant and having a fabulous, long dinner with lots of good conversation. So to share those experiences, we now have “Foodie Friday.”

Ellerbe Fine Foods

This restaurant had been on our list of places to try for almost a year, but we finally got to visit it 2 weeks ago. Some of my friends raved about it and some of them hated it, so I was anxious to make my own opinion. We’ve tried to go a couple of times, but they book up quickly on most weekends so I highly recommend making reservations.

The Atmosphere: Ellerbe is in the newest up-and-coming area in Fort Worth, on Magnolia Avenue in the Hospital District, which I have really enjoyed exploring lately. That area is kind of working the hipster/Austin vibe which is cool and different for Fort Worth. The decor is really simple and elegant – mix and match vintage farm table chairs, flour sack napkins, burlap hand towels, etc. They also have a neat little market area where you can buy wine and specialty gifts – a great place for hostess gifts!

The Food: I’ve been to farm-to-table type restaurants before, but our group especially enjoyed this one because a lot of the farms were in  small towns my family has lived in. My aunt and uncle even knew one of the farmers the restaurant works with. We pretty much each got something different, and it was all amazing. My recommendations: Start with the assorted artisanal cheese and charcuterie or the creamy Scott Farm sorrel soup. The Copper River Salmon and the Porkchop were my favorite entrees. (Keep in mind their menu changes frequently depending on the season and availability of produce. The menu they have now has several other dishes than their one online). We always save room for dessert – I am not a fan of bread pudding, but I now crave Ellerbe’s version. Delicious.

Images: [1], [2,3], [4,5]


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