Foodie Friday: Venice

Venice – The Food

Okay, by now its obvious that we did not go hungry in Italy, but I wanted to share our Venice wining and dining experiences too in case you have a chance to visit any of these. My number one tip for dining in Venice – find an outdoor dinner venue with a great view.

Ristorante Da Celio – We had been doing touristy stuff all day, had two just so-so meals in Rome and were jonesing for some authentic, unhealthy, delicious Italian food. Ristorante Da Celio was just the place. We ordered amazing pizzas, fresh salads and huge bowls of pastas with the best sauce accompanied with some Italian beers and cold white wine. It totally hit the spot, and I will definitely go back there if I’m ever in Venice.

Hotel Danieli – Our tour director assured us we were getting the best views of Venice from our water taxi on the way in, but he was wrong. The best view was on the terrace of Hotel Danieli. I’m pretty sure my dad saw this place in The Tourist and planned on visiting ever since, but he treated us to a wonderful meal with an unforgettable view.

Caffe Florian – This is right on St. Mark’s Square and is the perfect example of Venetian style. It has been around since 1720 and has all of the old world charm. There are lots of tables outside in the square that are perfect for people watching, but it will cost you a pretty penny. Italians take their experience and their coffee very seriously. This did not deter my brother and the Hubs though. They cozied in for a café and a snack while us girls did some shopping and while Dad and Colby investigated the Klimt exhibit.

Harry’s Bar – It would be a shame to go all the way to Venice without stepping in to Harry’s Bar and trying one of their signature bellinis. This place was established in the 1930’s and has been the “aperitif hour” hot spot for countless members of high society.


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