Interior Inspiration: Checkerboard Floors

New series! I realize I’m probably the only one excited by that, but it gives me structure and I could use a lot of that these days. Ninety percent of the blogs I follow and posts I like involve inspiration for my house (just check out my Pinterest). It is my favorite part about visiting my friends’ houses and exploring new places, so I wanted to share their craftiness with my fellow readers (all 6 of you).

My super stylish friend Lindsey just bought a new house in a great area of Fort Worth. She is a master of interiors. I was so sad for her to leave her last house because it was perfect, until I saw what she was doing with this one. Right off the bat she has you swooning with the checkerboard front porch she just painted. How cute is this:

Well since she sent me this picture, checkerboard floors have been popping up EVERYWHERE and I love the look.

Checkboards makes the space look automatically festive. Here is some similar outdoor and entryway inspiration:

And I love that Lindsay used gray to soften it up a little bit like they did in this white washed entry way and living room:

Three of my favorite blogs sniffed out the same trend and showcased a whole host of checkboards – The Decorista, The Aestate, and Houzz.

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