Foodie Friday: Southern Comfort

(Belated Foodie Friday)

I usually reserve eating fried chicken for church potlucks and picnics, but this summer I’ve discovered two home-cooking gems that merit more frequent visits.

Sissy’s Southern Kitchen & Bar

This is a new Dallas restaurant that exudes Southern charm. It is the bustling Knox-Henderson neighborhood that makes me wnat to move to Dallas. The wait staff sport way cute 1960’s inspired Southern duds complete with pinned up waves and newsboy hats. Beautiful Southern-style vintage china and deer heads are mounted on the wall. There is an awesome screened in porch area and a beautiful bar that was packed for happy hour. I had the Cucumber Cooler and a Shiner Ruby Red that perfectly complimented my meal.

We were celebrating a co-workers birthday and did it right. We ordered a bucket of the Sissy’s Fried Chicken as an appetizer so that we could all try out one of the other fabulous entrees as our main course. I got the shrimp and grits which tasted like a really delicious gumbo. The fried okra was wonderful (they cut them in half instead of slicing them up which equal more yummy okra and less breading), but the must-have side was the macaroni and cheese – gooey and cruncy – my favs. The fried chicken is the best I’ve had. It has a terrific spice to it (paprika, maybe?). This is what I would get on every future visit.

Considering I started with fried chicken and ended with shrimp and grits, there was no room for dessert, but in the future I think I’d try to convince someone to split an entrée and dessert with me so I could partake in the buttermilk pecan pie or cookies & ice cold brandy milk punch.

The only draw back in my book was the noise. It was so loud – like you have to get personal with the waitress loud. But, when you’re stuffing your face with all of the down-home deliciousness who needs to talk?


Babe’s Chicken – Burleson, Roanoke and Arlington

I’m generally anti-chain restaurant (not because they’re not delicious – I just hate going to the same place twice), but I think I’m the only person in the DFW metroplex that had not experienced Babe’s. I’ve never heard a bad review of this place and that is because it is just solid comfort food – fried chicken, all the family sides you can eat and my personal favorites, banana pudding and pie. We visited the Burleson location and it is a great casual family venue (a little hokey, but cute) and perfect for post-church on a Sunday. [Image]


One thought on “Foodie Friday: Southern Comfort

  1. I’ve been to Babe’s many times – several locations. I need to try and find a way to eat there a little healthier.

    Never been to Sissy’s going to have to give it a shot. Shrimp and grits sounds great.

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