Matrimonial Monday: Bachelorette Invites

Happy Labor Day! I’ve spent a wonderful weekend at my parents. It was not only my birthday, but we also celebrated my sister’s and her fiance’s engagement, which meant looking through lots of wedding magazines and spending lots of time on Pinterest.

I’m also prepping for our Charleston girl’s weekend coming up this week – just making final reservations and planning my outfits. I really enjoyed picking out the invitations for this weekend. I’ll be honest, in the past I have been underwhelmed with the selection of bachelorette invites out there. They were all hot pink and all had the same look and feel. My favorite bachelorette invite I received was one my friend Martha made for our friend Lindsay’s bachelorette. It was hand drawn, thoughtful and very-Lindsay; I loved it! But, I do not have the craftiness of Martha, so for Michelle’s bachelorette party, I began researching some print options and was pleasantly surprised by what’s out there now. We went with the “We Love Michelle” invitation from Minted. I loved this one because it really reminds everyone of why we are celebrating. (Only 3 more days until Charleston!)

Martha’s handmade cuteness

Love the rhyme

Paperless Post’s virtual invitation

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