To: Luke

September has brought a lot of good and bad this month. I had a birthday, spent an awesome Labor Day weekend on the lake at my parent’s and celebrated Michelle’s bachelorette party in Charleston. I have so much to share from all of that and the next two months are packed with events and fun.

But, my family got a dark cloud this week – my twenty-year-old little brother was diagnosed with leukemia. It has been a trying week for all of us, but he is a brave, tough and God-fearing man. The only good that comes from hard times like these is the reminder of how great my family and friends are. The support, love and encouragement have been overwhelming and humbling. His prognosis is good and the treatment is already making a difference, but we petition continued prayers as he fights this horrible disease.

I’ve got lots of posts in the hopper for the rest of this month and am anxious to share the things my amazing family and friends are doing, but I want to re-dedicate my blog to Luke for reminding me of why its important to enjoy life, seize the day and appreciate your friendships.


2 thoughts on “To: Luke

  1. Very touching tribute. My family is an incredible blessing from God! Families are always there in the dark days of life to hold one another up. But we are also there for one another when it’s time to celebrate life’s victories. We look to the days ahead with prayerful hearts and love for one another.

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