Matrimonial Monday: Byrd and Bleeker

I’ve been meaning to highlight this store for a while now, but was reminded when a girl at work sent me this great Fort Worth city guide from Design Sponge written by Libby, the super stylish owner of Byrd & Bleeker. This is where I ordered my wedding invitations and I was blown away with the selection, professionalism and quality of what I got. I think I really took to the owner because she is a former attorney from New York who followed her passion for paper and opened this cute Fort Worth store on Camp Bowie. I’m a paper freak and spent way too much money on my invitations, but if you are interested in doing the same, this is the place to go. She carries all of the latest designs and if she doesn’t have what you’re looking for, she’ll either track it down or get someone to create it for you. My invitations were from Bell Invito and turned out amazing. They carried over flourishes and fonts so everything matched and Libby ensured my effort was minimal (which is oh-so-nice when you are planning a wedding). Byrd & Bleeker really sealed my loyalty when they sent me a beautiful calendar thank you gift for choosing them six months after my wedding! The store is adorable and has a great gift selection with accessories from the likes of John Adler and other hot designers.

I should also mention my awesome calligrapher, Marilynn. I feel like she is one of Fort Worth’s best-kept secrets. She has been doing this for years, had the best samples and the best prices. Send me a note if you want her contact info. She’s one of the best.


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