Talk Like a Pirate

Many of you are probably not aware that today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day. I make note of this, because one of my main man’s (Jon and Candace’s adorable 4-year old) favorite things in the world right now is pirates. We celebrated his birthday earlier this summer which was of course pirate themed. Wyatt fit the part perfectly and Candace had everyone and everything decked out in their best swash-buckling gear. If you have a mini-Jack Sparrow in your midst check out this party inspiration:

  1. Nothing says “aargh” like nautical stripes
  2. This awesome tablescape came from Kara’s Party Ideas, which is one of my favorite blogs. She has several other pirate party ideas including one for girls.
  3. Notable Nest featured a whole host of pirate-y ideas, but my favorite were her awesome invitations:
  4. If that’s not enough check out Design Dazzle who compiled a whole list of super-mom ideas like this “X Marks the Spot” mailbox.
  5. A free “Ahoy” printable
  6. Hostess with the Mostest has the mother load of pirate ideas. It even has a Goonies theme!

Happy Pirate Day, all!

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