Debate Watching Party

Because I live in Texas, I do not get to enjoy the full excitement of election season. We are not a swing state (and I hope it stays that way) so the candidates don’t spend a lot of time tromping through our small towns, or blanketing our television screens, radios, phones and mail boxes with all of those nitty gritty ads. But, one of my favorite election season traditions is the debates. You get to see the personality of the candidates, determine how they work under pressure and analyze how good their speechwriters and team are. (I’m one that firmly believes a President is only as good as the rest of his cabinet members). My expectations aren’t high because I’m pretty sure the media has severely affected the relevance and usefulness of debates (for the worse), but I hope we get a little substance out of both candidates instead of just Convention-style rhetoric.

Unfortunately, I will be on a plane to Boston this evening (so thankful for DVR), but if not I’d pull out my best USA gear, invite my argumentative friends over and host a little debate-watching party of my own. Debate starts at 8pm CST – Go Mitt!

Booze it up with Conservative Intel’s Drinking Game and some bi-partisan bourbon:

If you prefer to watch the debate in your pj’s while Pinteresting, Bliss has you covered with their eau-lection collection:

And if you’re really on top of your game, Invitation Box has some killer election-themed paper goods:

If this debate snuck up on you, don’t worry. The veep candidates battle it out next Thursday and then we have two more head to head matches on the 16th and 22nd. Also, coming soon…a primer on the electoral college and the states that will make all the difference.

IMAGES: [1], [2 – mine], [3], [4], [5], [6]


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