Flea Market Find

The Hubs and I went to the Will Rogers Flea Market a few weekends ago for the first time. If you live in Fort Worth and haven’t been, I highly recommend it. There are some good finds to be had. I was so very proud of my discovery and have been meaning to post about it for weeks, but kept forgetting. But, style maven, Emily Henderson’s One Kings Lane selections last month reminded me.

Emily’s choices:

And voila:

Aren’t these bookends great?! I was immediately in love despite the fact that the lady who we bought them from asked us who “that guy” was. I think these will look pretty good propping up the old law books.

If you know of any other fabulous Texas flea markets, send me a note. The Hubs and I are willing to travel long distances on the quest for gems like these. (Also, if you find me a Ronald Reagan cartoon drawing like the above, I’ll name my first born kid after you).


One thought on “Flea Market Find

  1. Because I so desperately want there to be a “Fancy Junior” or “Fancy the Second,” I’m going to scour the Mid-Cities-area resale shops to find that Reagan drawing… Your above post was an Offer and this reply is an Acceptance. We now have a Contract. Muahhahhahhahha!

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