Foodie Friday: Food Truck Park

A couple of weekends ago I was itching to get out of the house and starving, so I hit up the Fort Worth Food Truck Park. I’ve long been an admirer of Austin’s food truck scene and was excited when DFW picked up on the trend. It is the perfect Saturday mid-day lunch trip. You can choose from burgers, tacos, Korean food, cupcakes or even sushi. Then hit up the beer truck and stretch out with a group on the picnic tables. I was solo this trip so I cozied down with a book and my Lee’s Grilled Cheese for a great late lunch. Here are the trucks I’ve tried, all of which I would recommend.

(1) Fred’s Food Truck – I still prefer the brick and mortar version, but when you want on of Fort Worth’s best burgers to go, this is your place.

(2) Lee’s Grilled Cheese – I eat grilled cheese sandwiches about twice a week (I know I’m almost 30) and these are some of the best I’ve ever had. I had the pesto, tomato goodness and it was excellent.

(3) Red Jett Sweets – a truck that sales cupcakes…need I say more. They also have really cute “Pup”cakes that my sweet Sigma swallowed whole.

(4) Ssahm BBQ – I originally tried this in Dallas at work one day and have gone back for more. These Korean BBQ tacos are legit and the Kimichi fries will change your life.

Next ones on my list to try in Fort Worth: The Drifiting Bistro and Salsa Limon. When we get through these we’ll head over to Dallas to see what they have. Let me know if there are any others you’ve tried and loved.


2 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Food Truck Park

  1. Josh here from the BlinkPack blog. I found you because I have been doing Foodie Fridays on my blog as well. And I just went to my first food truck rally. Your blog is great. I wish you all the best with your blogging. Cheers!

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