Coveted Style of the Week: Vintage Pajamas

The weatherman signaled that we might finally get a cold front the next couple of days and I can’t wait! Our A/C went out on Sunday, which shouldn’t be a big deal in October, but since it is still 88 degrees here in the Lone Star State, its not ideal. Plus, I’m ready to be able to wear fall boots without having a heat stroke. On that note, I want to spend at least part of the weekend (between a Circus-themed party for the cutest one-year-old ever and a Halloween party) snuggled up with the Husband and some Irish coffees. My favorite lounge gear is vintage pajamas (I have no idea why they are called “vintage” since they aren’t used, but I’ll go with it). The preppy, menswear tops allow you to feel stylish while being comfortable. My mom gave me the J.Crew version for Christmas last year, and for the first time ever I didn’t mind the dreaded Christmas morning photo ops.

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One thought on “Coveted Style of the Week: Vintage Pajamas

  1. I LOVE that you blogged on this trend. My Mom and I have rocked “Menswear” PJs for years and we are so excited that they are coming back into vogue. Hopefully they will be easier to find now (and we won’t have to exclusively rely on Victoria’s Secret).

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