Traveling Tuesdays: New Orleans

The Husband just got back from a weekend in NOLA for a bachelor party, which he simply stated was “crazy.” This reminded me that I never posted about my amazing bachelorette party in the land of ragin’ Cajuns. My sister was the best MOH ever and arranged a weekend in New Orleans with 10 of my closest friends. It is super flattering to have 11 people agree to drive or fly 5+ hours to spend the weekend with you and it is even more fun to have your 11 favorite people together in one of the “craziest” cities ever. We were there for less than 48 hours, but we made a dent. I will say though, this will not be my best travel post – due to a mixture of adult beverages and a whirlwind weekend its a little blurry.

My NOLA favorites: THE FOOD, the street music, the libations and some quality time with the entire crew.

The cute invites Kayla ordered:

The Food and Drink:
Does anyone remember where we ate Friday night? We changed it at the last minute and I cannot think of the name of it. But, if I do, I will share because it was delicious. My friends are some classy ladies, but they know how to get messy. We all got down with crawfish, shrimp, andouille sausage and other creole delicacies. Plus, they poured us high-ball sized shots. It was a great place for a big group and a late dinner (which isn’t useful information if I can’t think of the name!!).

Some of us were suffering more than others on Saturday, so our group split up for brunch, lunch and shopping. One group checked out the renowned brunch at Court of Two Sisters and said it was everything they expected and more. The atmosphere sounded amazing with a big open courtyard and perfect 70 degree weather. The rest of us headed to the Royal House Oyster House where we had some bloody marys, mimosas, oysters and and peel ‘n eat shrimp to get us back on track.

That afternoon we stopped at Cafe du Monde for their famous beignets. The line was atrocious, but my ever loyal and cunning friends (Martha) some how skipped the line and had the sugary, fluffy pastries in-hand in 5 minutes flat. They were amazing and I still crave them.
Saturday night we had one of the best meals ever at Broussard’s. We put on the cocktail dresses and stilettos and wined and dined the right way. I think we sampled almost everything on the menu and the wine was SO good. Plus, a great meal gave us the stamina to take on Bourbon Street.

The Bars: These are a little fuzzy, but we of course hit the highlights: (1) Hurricanes and Sing-a-longs at Pat O’Briens; (2) Syringe shots and hand grenades at Tropical Isle; (3) Dancing at Gold Mine; and much much more.

The Fun: We stayed at the Royal St. Charles Hotel, which was super affordable and a great location (at the corner of Canal and Bourbon Streets). The rooms were alright – nothing fancy and pretty small, but were clean and accommodating (they happily and successfully split the rooms on 11 different credit cards). When we were not eating or drinking (which was like never), we explored the beautiful French Quarter. We had our tarot cards read in Jackson Square (my fortune teller was so good she predicted that something very good was about to happen in my love life – I’m sure the diamond ring and group of 10 girls had nothing to do with it); ducked into a ton of cute boutiques and art stores (I really miss shopping with Michelle); explored the beautiful Cathedral; listened to the street bands and stopped off at Big Easy Daiquiris for a daytime daiquiri.

Thanks to all these wonderful friends for making that weekend so memorable. Who wants to go back?!

[Images that aren’t mine or my friends: 1/2/3]



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