Matrimonial Monday: New England Nuptials

As you may recall, the Husband’s family is from Boston so we try to get up there for a visit as often as possible. Well this month we had the perfect excuse – Chris and Hope’s wedding! They got married at a sweet little church in Weymouth and celebrated in Quincy in a great ball room with beautiful tall centerpieces. We drank many cocktails, danced, caught up with lots of family members and made some new friends.

Wedding Favorites: (1) The church – It was my favorite kind of church: small with a huge steeple; (2) the bag piper they hired to honor those Bruce Scottish roots; (3) the cocktail hour – open bar, a table devoted to cheese and great hor d’oeuvres; and (4) the late night supplemental snacks.


One thought on “Matrimonial Monday: New England Nuptials

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