Traveling Tuesdays: New England

Everyone says Fall is the best time to go to New England because of the changing colors of the trees and I don’t think they were exaggerating. It is absolutely beautiful. The trees are amazing, there are mums on every porch and the air is crisp. We were in Boston for Chris and Hope’s wedding, but we squeezed in a lot of other things between the festivities.

Our very first stop was the Sam Adams Brewery (priorities, people!). One of the best tours ever. The tour guide was hilarious and very informative, we got to sample 3 different beers and a trolley took us to one of the famous Hollywood-Boston bars, Doyle’s who has some of the best clam chowda (my attempt at the Boston accent) in town.

Our next destination was the Island Creek Oyster Bar in Boston close to Fenway Park. If you are in Boston, this should be a mandatory trip. We tried six different types of oysters (from a selection of about 20), the lobster roll and a few of their craft cocktails. All of it was out of this world. The design of the restaurant is amazing with an industrial coastal feel – there was clustered pendant lighting, lots of light woods and stainless steel. Oh and the graphics of the menus and business cards and signage is amazing – so much so that I bookmarked Oak’s handiwork back in September without even realizing it.

We (mostly the Husband and his uncle) spent several hours filling in some holes in the family tree, which involves a little Marble Orchard hunting. It sounds morbid, but these New England cemeteries are beautiful.

Chris (the Husband’s cousin and groom of the weekend) raves about this Tony’s Clams on the North Shore and we’ve never had time to go, so this time we made a point to fit it in. It did not disappoint. So much fried goodness! They also do it steamed, which I might try next time, but oh my – the clam strips were AH-MAZING (I hate when Penny says that on Happy Endings, but sometimes it just needs to be used).

My favorite stop of the trip was the United First Parish Church in Quincy. I’m a total nerd for American History and there is not only one former president buried there, there are two! The tour of the church is really good with tons of interesting facts and history, plus you get to tour the crypt. The Husband and I immediately went home and bought his and her John Adams and Abigail Adams biographies.

One of the Husband’s favorite stops was Fort Independence, the oldest Fort in America. It is located in South Boston and is massive. My favorite was the state flag display. The fort has gone through 5 revisions to get what you see today. Its pretty crazy to think about what went down there.

One of South Boston’s staples is the famous Amrheins Restaurant that has been around for a really long time. We went for the Brunch buffet that was most excellent. This is also where we discovered Ciderhouse Whiskey (keep an eye out for this in an upcoming Law School Thursday).

We almost missed our flight because of it, but we made one last stop at JFK’s childhood home. Rose Kennedy bought this house after her son’s death and restored it to close to its original state from when they live there. The Kennedy history is just so interesting and this is a really neat glimpse into more of their beginnings.

There is so much to see and do in this city, but we definitely crossed off a few things on this trip. Can’t wait for the next one. And, check out our last trip to Boston, here!


One thought on “Traveling Tuesdays: New England

  1. So happy you had such a great time in “my” city! You had some good picks! (I’m embarrassed to admit how many of those Sam Adams glasses fill my cabinet. fun American History fact: the reason a lot of old cemeteries are so beautiful is because back in the day poorer people living in the city would take trips to them to enjoy the open air and even have picnics there. It was before the park system was developed so I guess they were desperate for some accessible open land 🙂

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