Go Vote!

Civic Duty – Check! (notice I used the word DUTY)

Election Day is my third favorite day of the year (closely behind my birthday and Christmas) and I just got back from casting my ballot for this super important election. This isn’t just a big year because of the Presidential election. There are tons of important U.S. Senate and local races too, so get out there and vote!

Meanwhile, here are some of my favorite electable goods and some articles and links for your political perusal:

  1. Romney’s hilarious speech at Al Smith’s Dinner. (Obama’s was pretty funny too).
  2. Jimmy Kimmel’s inquiry into the First Lady debate is hilarious and embarrassing all at the same time
  3. A good primer on the biggest foreign policy issues of the day.
  4. This is a little dated in news terms, but its a great piece on the top 50 politicos to watch.
  5. A political Tweet poet. She has got some serious rhyming skills.
  6. I have to take Ezra Klein with a grain of salt, but he makes some great points. I think what Romney brings to the table is exciting.
  7. Dear Powers at Be, I want to be an election attorney. Have JD, will travel. Sincerely, Katy

Daily Candy hunted down some of the cutest RW&B wares around – check out their list:

West Elm is even getting in the spirit – Check out the Dallas store [Photo from @nikkirap]:

Which Wich Sandwiches taking a poll:


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