I’m Baaack

Well hello. I felt like Cousin Eddie should get a little post-holiday love. Its been a rough couple of months, but there have been several diamonds in the rough that have kept me moving. We were witness to some of our best friends tying the knot, attended some birthday bashes and Christmas soirees, did a little fine dining, spent lots of good quality time with our families for the holidays and recharged a bit. 2013 is not promising to be an easy year, but the blog is sporting a new look thanks to my favorite graphic designer and I’m feeling energized and positive about what is in the pipeline. The house needs some sprucing, the friends need some attention and I’m needing a little creative outlet, so stay tuned for some of these posts and many more the next couple of months:

(1) The Frias Wedding Bash; (2) Michelle and Rob’s Beautiful Day; (3) A Little Dallas Dining Love; (4) Grey’s Very Own Circus; (5) Steamboat Music Fest 2013 and much much more.

P.S. Today is the one year anniversary of the blog. Thanks for reading!


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