I’m Katy and this is a place for me to share all the stylish and note-worthy things I pick up from the fabulous people around me. I seriously have some of the greatest and most interesting friends in the world (or at least in my world). I am a new attorney and a newlywed. I’ve lived in Texas my entire life except for a short but amazing 2-year stint in DC. My husband and I just bought our first house in Fort Worth, Texas, and we are having a great time fixing it up and entertaining our families and friends. I love politics and public policy. Seriously. My life’s goal is to be called a policy wonk. I overuse parentheses and the word “classy”. The Type A side of me really tries to be an organized blogger with themes and recurring segments, but sometimes the more dominant scatter-brained side of me shines through (just warning you). I hope the experiences and things the awesome people in my life teach and share with me inspire some new adventures.

P.S. TJ, as I often call our very chic 3rd President and one of the greatest policy wonks of all time, once said, “In matters of style, swim with the current, in matters of principle stand like a rock.” I love that quote and it inspired the name of the blog. Enjoy!

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