Matrimonial Monday: Laid-back Austin Affair

One of our nearest and dearest couple friends tied the knot this past fall and this wedding was hands down one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever attended. This group of friends is huge, loves to dance and knows how to celebrate in style. The ceremony and reception were held at Casa Blanca in Round Rock, TX. This venue was perfect for Juan and JoAnna’s style. The beautiful open space overlooking the river made a breathtaking alter and big, open porches with globe lights set just the right ambiance for the reception. Being in the heart of Hill Country, I love that the attire was cowboy boots, Wranglers and bright beautiful dresses. It was laid back and elegant all at the same time.

Wedding Favorites:

The Photography: Twinty Photography – The Rankin Twins not only take great photos, but they can also sing.

The Bridesmaids Attire: Super flattering purple dresses adorned with brown cowboy boots and their accessories of choice.

The Desserts: Juan and JoAnna aren’t big on sweets so they went with cake balls and the famous Round Rock donuts – a nice change from the traditional.

The Friends: We got in some serious QT with a ton of great friends.

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Images: Twinty Photography