Book Share and Farewell

I’m forgoing the usual cocktail submission to formally say goodbye to one of my favorite shows. Tonight is the series finale of 30 Rock. I started watching this hilarity in law school when I very badly needed to laugh and it has been a weekly companion since then. I heart Liz Lemon, liberal and all (and sometimes I fantasize that Jack is my real boss). It’s been a good run, TGS. You will be missed!


If you are not ready to say goodbye:

  1. Relive some of the greatness
  2. Give the gift of Liz Lemon
  3. Love the politics of it all
  4. Talk the talk of the Rock

Because of 30 Rock, I also just read Tina Fey’s autobiography, Bossypants, which was EXCELLENT. I read it on a trip and was doubled over laughing on the plane. I laughed out loud at least every other page. She is just so absurd. Break up the monotony and read it!


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P.S. I love Pinterest and I love 30 Rock, but this is weird